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Tauk Moore *Pre-Order* Vinyl – Black Variant


About the Product

This is a pre-order and will beging shipping by October 5th

Limited to 150

Track Listing

  1. Supernova (Tauk, Kanika Moore)
  2. STFU (Tauk, Kanika Moore)
  3. Daydreams (Tauk, Kanika Moore)
  4. Step Back (Tauk, Kanika Moore)
  5. Flex (Tauk)
  6. Deal Breaker (Tauk, Kanika Moore)
  7. Hallucinogen (Tauk, Kanika Moore)
  8. Among the Living (Tauk, Kanika Moore)
  9. Army of Me (Tauk, Kanika Moore)

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